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We Love What We Do!

We are proud to offer the following services:

  • Boarding for dogs, cats & small birds

  • Daily, weekly or long term stays

  • Personalised care and attention

  • Fully trained and qualified staff

  • 24 hour supervision

  • Vet on call

  • Facilities serviced & disinfected daily

  • Separate facilities for small, timid or elderly dogs

  • Special diets and medications catered for at no extra charge

  • All dogs exercised at least twice daily

  • Playroom for cats with outside sunning area

  • Pick up and delivery

  • Accommodation packages & optional extras

  • Eftpos & credit card facilities

  • Online booking portal

packages and rates

Packages and Rates

At Portland Mutts 'n' Mogs we realize that no pets are the same.  That's why we offer differing boarding packages and optional extras which allow you to tailor-make your own care package to suit your pet and budget.

We offer discounts for seniors, long-term (21 days or longer), and for three or more pets from the same family boarding

at the same time.  Please contact us for a quote.

* Please note that 'shared' accommodation is only available for pets from the same family that can be fed in the same enclosure without 'drama'.  We do not house unfamiliar pets together under any circumstances.

Deposits are required for the Christmas/New Year & and Easter Peak Periods.

When calculating daily charges, one boarding day is equal to 24 hours

For example - Monday am to Tuesday am = one day

Monday am to Tuesday pm = two days

Boarding Packages for Dogs

'Bed 'n' Breakfast'
  • Secure individual kennels

  • Raised bed with soft bedding

  • Morning breakfast biscuit or snack

  • Kennel disinfected daily

  • Free-time in exercise areas

  • Toys and balls

  • Balanced, evening meal

  • Complimentary going home hydrobath if staying 7 days or longer (weather permitting)

Small dogs - $27 per day

Large dogs - $29 per day

X Large dogs - $33 per day 

'Top Dog'
  • All the features of 'Bed 'n' Breakfast' plus ...

  • Additional daily exercise - 35 minutes off lead playtime or bushwalk

  • Daily stuffed 'Kong', pig's ear or meaty bone

 Additional $12 per day  

Optional Extras 

  • ​Heated Indoor Kennel - $12 extra per day

  • Pick up & Delivery - Portland $20, Heywood $30​

  • On-lead bush walk - $10
  • Food enrichment (Kong, Bone etc) - $4
  • Hydrobath - $25
packages for dogs

Boarding Packages for Cats

'The Cat's Meow'
  • Secure, individual unit​

  • Cosy igloo

  • Covered litter tray - cleaned daily

  • Toys

  • Scratching Ramps

  • Balanced dry food available 24 hours

  • Varied 'wet' food in the evening

$22 per day

'The Catnip Lounge'
  • Personal indoor 'lounge room'

  • Cat gym and climbing ramps

  • Protected, secure outdoor area

  • Fish pond

  • Heating & cooling

  • Covered, litter tray - cleaned daily

  • Toys

  • Gourmet menu

$35 per day

Optional Extras 

  • ​Heated Accommodation - $10 extra per day

  • Pick up & Delivery - Portland $20, Heywood $30

packages for cats
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