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Conditions of Boarding

Like any quality pet care facility, at Portland Mutts 'n' Mogs we ensure the safety and health of your pets by insisting that all our clients understand and adhere to our rules and guidelines.

On this page you'll find our current terms and conditions covering admissions, as well as items from home, rates and payments, and veterinary treatment.

health care
Health Care

Please ensure that your pets are treated for fleas and worms prior to boarding.

If your pet presents with fleas or worms during their stay they will be treated by us and you will be asked to cover the cost

The health and welfare of your pet is important to us, therefore if your pet becomes sick or is injured during their stay, we will seek veterinary treatment.  You will be asked to pay the cost of any veterinary fees.

If your pet has an existing medical condition, it is crucial that we know about this in advance.

Any medication that is required should be supplied with clear instructions on its administration and please ensure that there is sufficient medication to cover the entire boarding period.

Please have all medication clearly labelled with your name, your pet's name and the directions for care. 

We are happy to administer medication, including insulin injections, at no extra charge.


All dogs and cats MUST be fully immunised before checking in.  Pets that have not been vaccinated for more than 12 months must receive a booster no less than ten (10) days before checking in for boarding.

The required vaccines are:

It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that all required vaccines are up-to-date and that the relevant paperwork or veterinary-issued certificate is brought with them when checking in.

If you cannot produce proof of current vaccination, we will not accept your pet for boarding.

If you don't have a copy of your pet's vaccination certificate, please contact your vet to organise one prior to bringing your pet to stay with us.

Your preparation prior to checking in will ensure your plans are not spoiled.

Dogs: C5
  • This covers distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and two types of canine cough. (If your dog receives a 3-yearly C3 vaccination, they still need an annual canine cough vaccination for boarding.)

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Cats: F3 (minimum)
  • This covers feline enteritis and two forms of feline respiratory disease.

Check-in & Check-out Hours

Monday to Saturday

Morning:  8:00am to 10:00am

Afternoon: 3:00pm to 5:30pm


Morning:  Closed

Afternoon:  4:00pm to 6:00pm

Reception is Closed

Good Friday through to Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

(For travellers requiring check-ins and check-outs outside these hours, please contact us, and we'll try to accommodate you.)

* We understand that these hours may not suit everybody and we do try to be flexible. However, we will add a $50 Opening Fee to the account of those customers who insist on delivering or collecting their pets at unreasonable hours and where no prior arrangements have been made.

General Admission

When arriving or departing, please have all dogs on a lead. Cats must be transported in carry boxes or similar. 

Remember - some pets aren't as nice as yours.


We reserve the right to refuse admission to any pet that presents the appearance of illness before boarding, such as lethargy, discharging or inflamed eyes, coughing, or repeated sneezing.


Dogs that are overly aggressive to people or that we assess as posing a threat to any of our carers will not be accepted for boarding.

Feel free to inform us of the personality of your pets and any behavioural issues you think we should be aware of.

This will help us to care for them and make their stay more enjoyable.

general admission
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