All our canine guests are housed separately - only pets from the same family share accommodation.

We provide all bedding. We are not currently accepting blankets or bedding from home.

Your dog will enjoy time out of his/her kennel at least twice a day.  All dogs are exercised individually however if your pet is sociable, he'll get a friend to play with if you desire.

Meals are included in the daily rate.  We feed a premium kibble and beef mince.

If your dog is on a special diet or has a sensitive stomach, you are welcome to bring his/her own food and we will feed to your instructions.

To protect your pets, we require all dogs staying with us to be completely up to date with their vaccinations.

This must include distemper, canine hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and bordetella (C5).

Any new vaccinations must be completed at least fourteen days prior to commencement of boarding.

More information on vaccination requirements can be found on our policies page.

We have introduced different boarding packages and optional extras to cater to our clients' differing needs and budgets 

You can vary your dog's holiday by booking a few on-lead bushwalks through our property and surrounding bushland or adding a few meaty bones to the menu.

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Large Dogs

The kennel block for larger and more active dogs comprises of twenty individual, secure quarters.

Each with weatherproof sleeping area and a three metre covered run.

The kennels feature fresh air and sunshine and have shade cloth and evaporative misting to provide relief during any hot weather.

Each dog can curl up in comfort on its own trampoline bed, complete with 'flea-free' cover which is changed and disinfected between guests.

We provide soft bedding, or you may bring your dog's own favourite blanket.

For large dogs which are used to sleeping inside or for those that feel the cold, we have heated indoor accommodation for a few extra dollars per day.

Our large canine guests have access to one of our spacious, secure exercise areas twice daily where the activities include ball-chasing, socializing or just wandering around exploring.


Small Dogs

Small, timid or elderly dogs are housed in their own separate area away from the large dogs.

Their fully enclosed, individual kennels open onto a secure courtyard which includes relaxation and play areas.

We realize that many little dogs live inside with their owners.  For this reason we keep this area as stress-free and 'homely' as possible.

Each unit has a raised bed topped with comfortable bedding.

These kennels are very sheltered and at night, and during inclement weather, clear blinds are used to fully enclose the sleeping quarters making them warm and snug.

If they are sociable, our smaller guests are free to play or relax together throughout the entire day, only returning to their kennels in the evening for a well earned sleep.


Indoor Kennels

We have a limited number of indoor kennels available which have their own infrared heat lamps for winter and fans for summer.

This accommodation is very close to our home and is ideal for elderly or sensitive dogs.