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Cats are housed individually in our purpose-built cattery which provides an abundance of natural light and ventilation - complemented by evaporative cooling in summer and heating in winter.

Each walk-in unit contains three levels connected by carpet-covered ramps and provides a secure and relaxing environment for our feline guests.

The units, along with our deep, covered litter trays are serviced and cleaned twice daily.

We provide comfortable 'igloos' and bedding or you may supply your own.


Our feline guests have the opportunity to spend some private time each day in 'The Playroom' which contains toys, tunnels and access to a secure outdoor area ideal for sunbaking or birdwatching.

Meals are served twice a day. We keep many different varieties of dry, tinned and fresh food on hand to cater for any fussy eaters.

If your cat requires a particular diet you are welcome to bring that with you.

To protect your pets, we require all cats staying with us to be completely up to date with their vaccinations.

This must include Feline panleukopenia, Feline herpes (Cat Flu) and Feline calicivirus  (F3).

Any new vaccinations must be completed at least fourteen days prior to commencement of boarding.

More information on vaccination requirements can be found on our policies page.

We have introduced optional extras which can be added to your cat's holiday.  You can schedule some private cuddle time, daily treats, or we can send you a photo and updates.

Click here for more information.

To truly pamper your spoilt feline friend, you can book the 'Catnip Lounge' - our luxury suite.

The Catnip Lounge

The 'Catnip Lounge' is designed to simulate the home environment and features a sunny indoor room complete with a cosy armchair and large cat tree.

Sliding doors open onto a private outdoor area with walkways and plants.

Of course, a gourmet menu, heating and cooling are all included when your cat stays in the Lounge.

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