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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I visit your boarding facilities before deciding whether to board my pet there?
    You are welcome to come out and meet us, however, due to biosecurity and OH&S regulations, we are no longer offering kennel walk-throughs.
  • Do we need to make reservations?
    Yes. Especially at peak times such as Easter, Christmas, Long Weekends and School Holidays.
  • Is someone there to take care of the pets in the evenings and and at times when you're not open?
    Yes. We live on the premises and have staff available to tend our guests 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
  • Can my dogs share a kennel?
    Two dogs may share a kennel if they live in the same household and they can eat together unsupervised. If your dogs are unable to get along, we will place them in separate kennels, side by side, for the remainder of their stay. We can only allow two dogs per kennel.
  • Will my pet be exercised?
    Yes. Large dogs are exercised twice a day in our large, grass exercise yards. All dogs are usually exercised separately but sociable dogs are given play time with other like-minded friends - with your permission. Of course, dogs from the same family can be exercised together. Small dogs are usually out of their kennels for the entire day, weather permitting. Their area is close to reception and they can divide their time between socialising in the courtyard and snoozing in the sun. Cats have private access to 'The Playroom' which has scratching posts, toys and a secure outdoor area.
  • My pet is very anti-social and doesn't play well with other dogs. Is that ok?
    Certainly. We realize that some dogs don't play well with others. Just let us know and we will make sure your dog is exercised on its own.
  • Do I need to bring food?
    No. Although if your pet is on a special diet or has a sensitive stomach we recommend you supply your own pet's food. The dogs receive a meal of premium kibble and beef mince in the evening. Currently, we are using Hypro Premium kibble. Cats have dry food available at all times and are fed an evening 'wet' meal. We vary the brands as we find cats prefer a wide variety of flavours. The daily rate includes all meals - and there is no discount if you supply your own.
  • What about medications?
    Yes. If your pet is on medication, please bring it in it's original prescription bottle/packet, labelled correctly with proper dosage directions. We do accept diabetic pets and can administer insulin injections.
  • Can I take my dog out for the day if I'm staying in the area?
    Yes. You can take your dog out for the day as long as it is collected and delivered during our opening hours. Many visitors take their dogs to Cape Bridgewater which has a beautiful, dog-friendly beach.
  • What do I need to bring?
    1. Vaccination certificate. Please don't leave it on the table at home! 2. Contact telephone numbers. 3. Any medications or special diets, labelled with your pet's name. 4. Instructions for any special requirements your pet may have. 5. Due to Covid-19, we prefer not to accept bedding or toys from home. 6. Please treat your dog or cat with a flea preventative product before coming to the kennel. Please bring all dogs on lead and cats in secure carry boxes.
  • My dog is spoiled ... will he miss me?
    We very rarely have a problem with our guests. Dogs are loyal companions but they form an attachment to the person or persons who care for them. Within a day or so they have completely adjusted to the routine. Don't worry, they will still recognise you when you pick them up and we will soon be forgotten until their next visit. If you are worried, phone us for a progress report or arrange for a trial stay before you leave.
  • I've never left my pet before. What should I do to ensure an easy goodbye?
    Keep in mind that your pet is in the best possible care. He or she will have caring people to attend to them while you are away. Pets generally accustom themselves very quickly to their new surroundings and enjoy all the new sounds, sights and smells that go with staying at the kennel. Pets sense and reflect our emotions. Please do not stage an emotional farewell scene as this can cause your pet to become unnecessarily upset. When you leave, be positive and upbeat. Keep the goodbye short and sweet. If its the first time away for your pet - make it easier for them by bringing them in during our morning check-in time. This gives them time to adjust to their new surroundings during daylight hours.
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